Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Opening Adventure Gateways at Orchha!

Snow Leopard Adventures, is notching up with the launch of its sixth camp extending adventure tourism to the heart of India. The five Snow Leopard Adventures campsites located at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas promote minimum impact tourism and this is the concept that is being extended to the upcoming campsite at Orchha in Madhya Pradesh.

The name Orccha literally translates to, “hidden”. True to its name, Orccha lies obscured from sight amidst lush green dark woods along the River Betwa. The Betwa River and the picturesque terrain, along with the magnificent ruins make it an adventurer’s paradise. The river is wide and its placid flow is intermittently broken by Grade I to Grade II rapids. The river is good for easy Kayaking and rafting. An adventure Island, formed between the Betwa and the Jamini rivers is waiting to be explored. The rock faces at the island are ideal for easy to moderate rock climbing and rappelling while the forest trails are a nature lover’s heaven. The Orccha Nature Reserve, offers great trails for jeep safaris and cycling.

Snow Leopard Adventures has set up Camp Blue Bull with 16 safari tents on the banks of the Betwa River. The camp offers guests an opportunity to combine the thrill of adventure with the rich cultural heritage of the region making it an exciting getaway out of doors in the heart of India!!

Activities Possible
• Trekking
• Wilderness Orientation hikes
• Cycling on forest trails
• Nature Walk & Bird watching
• Rock Climbing/ Rappelling
• Kayaking
• Rafting (depending on the water level)
• Sightseeing of Orchha (by foot/ on bicycles)
• Light & sound show