Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DoE article Year Book 2008

Negotiating steep Himalayan trails, battling through the ruthless rapids in the river Ganga, yes I am talking about the Duke of Edinburg’s Award (International Award for Young People) expedition to India which took place in April.
It was a physically challenging experience which helped us, a group of 20 students, develops into more responsible individuals and fostered values such as companionship, co-operation and mutual respect amongst us. We learned to work together and put aside personal differences to achieve success in group activities such as river rafting.

The tough living conditions drew us closer together as a group and we enjoyed this trying experience thousands of miles away from the luxury of our homes. Our will to go on and determination were tested on a 7 hour trek, we pushed forward as group, the sense of achievement and accomplishment was uplifting.

All of us will have fond memories of this trip and will cherish the moments we spent together and the experiences that changed us. To our DoE coordinator Mrs. Sunita Dias, who was behind it all and Ms. Helen Dowse our chaperon teacher a sincere thank you from the 20 of us.

Hardik Goel
Grade 12A

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